If your pet is a patient at Mackay’s Animal Hospital and you require a prescription refill, please email the following to …

Your name:
Your pet’s name:
Medication name:
Current dose that you are giving e.g. 1/2 tablet once a day:
Would you like the same quantity as previously dispensed?
Do you have any new concerns with your pet that we should be aware of?
Is your pet tolerating the medication/administration of the medication well?
Phone Number:

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for us to prepare this for you. Some medications will take longer. Special orders from our compounding pharmacy will take a minimum of 3-5 business days. The demands on our suppliers are currently very high and we are working with minimal staff. Do not leave refill requests to the last minute.  We will call you when it’s ready for pick up.


To order pet food, please email the following information to

Your name and contact phone#
Pet’s name
Manufacturer name e.g. Royal Canin, Hills, Purina or Rayne
Type of specialty diet e.g. Hypo HP, Gastro Low Fat, C/D Oceanfish, Dietetic Pate, etc.
Canned or Dry?
If dry, what size of bag?

Please allow 5-7 business days as our suppliers are overwhelmed with the high demands of pet food during these unprecedented times. We will call you when it’s ready for pick up.